Food In Review Friday: Saigon Noodle House

Bun Tom Nuong
Bun Tom Nuong

Is it me? Or am I behind on all the rave about Vietnamese food and pho? One day while shopping on my lunch break (this is a normal activity for me during lunch), I decided to try this Vietnamese restaurant in the area. I’d been hearing (by hearing I mean Twitter or some form of social media) great things about this place, but never tried it or Vietnamese food at all.

In short: I love this place!

I didn’t order the pho, but I did try a noodle dish that was absolutely wonderful! I decided to order the “Bun Tom Nuong”  (pictured). This dish consists of vermicelli noodles with charbroiled shrimp.

While waiting on my to go order, I also decided to try the Che Dau Trang (not pictured). This is a dessert that consists of sticky rice, black-eyed peas, & coconut milk. The visual presentation of this dish is not so appetizing, but I’m glad I didn’t “judge the book by its cover” because it was very tasty. A fascinating combination of salty and sweet!


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  1. Restaurant Raider says:

    Looks delicious!


    1. I really enjoyed it!


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