Home is not a place it is a feeling…

I briefly contemplated sharing such a personal moment in my life, but my fellow blogger buddies are so warm and welcoming I couldn’t keep this to myself.

Approximately 9 months ago I stepped out on faith and became a home owner. Recently, friends and family came over to celebrate with me and “christen” the new “bachelorette pad”.

Check out the star of the show, my cake! I wanted a cake that not only had an amazing visual presence, but also tasted great. Kristal of K & J’s Elegant Pastries  did not disappoint me in any way!


Throughout the (daytime) dinner party, everyone was pleased with the meal that was catered by Full Moon BBQ and side dishes from friends and family. I think everyone finished dinner so quickly because they were ready for DESSERT! (I was too!) The bottom layer was red velvet and the top layer was vanilla, covered with butter cream icing. After this gathering, I may need to sign up for SAA (sugar addicts anonymous).

After a fun day of food and fellowship, I thanked my guests by presenting them with a sweet treat to have as a snack. (These were also created by K&J’s Elegant Pastries)


What’s your favorite “go to” sweet treat? In addition to cakes and cookies, brownies are my guilty pleasure!


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