When Sushi Heads South of the Border!

Have you ever dined at one of your favorite sushi spots and once done you were still craving more? No. Just me?!

Well… I finally got a chance to dine at Wasabi Juan’s in one of my favorite areas of the city, Avondale.

Wasabi Juan's

Wasabi Juan’s serves some of your sushi faves, but with a twist. I arrived early to avoid the lunch crowd and to allow myself some time to view the menu and ask questions. The atmosphere is the perfect marriage of your favorite sushi bar, ceviche, tacos, and more! It is the perfect combination of Japan and Mexico. You know its about to be a wonderful experience when you see bottles of sriracha and sriracha flavored popcorn floating around the place.

S Popcorn


There are so many wonderful combinations, and with the help of the restaurant staff I decided to order one of the newest sushi burrito rolls. As of this blog post, this particular roll doesn’t have a name and Wasabi Juan’s is having a contest to name this roll.

Please see their Instagram Page if you’d like to participate.


The magic you see below consists of: Coconut infused shrimp with coconut flakes, cream cheese, jalapenos, sweet chili sauce & krispies for crunch. In addition to the burrito, nachos with salsa is included in the  meal. (I added shrimp ceviche because… well… I’m greedy! LOL!)

FullSizeRenderIf you haven’t been to Wasabi Juan’s, you are missing out on one of the best “foodie” experiences I’ve had thus far! I’m talking one of my top ten faves! (And I’ve dined a lot of places over the years).

Please share your experience below or let me know when you try it!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. literarydani says:

    Great post! Even more eager to try it!


  2. Awesome post! We LOVE them! Seriously…might go there this afternoon; you’ve made me hungry!


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