Throwback Thursday: Vizzini Farms Winery

TBT Wine Located in Calera, Alabama, Vizzini Farms is one of my favorite places in Alabama…

I learned of this small gem a few years ago while attending a Christmas party that was hosted by a friend.

Immediately after tasting a sample of the traditional Riesling with a semi-sweet green apple finish, I was completely sold on experiencing this winery in the very near future.


In addition to their wines, they have a small cafe that serves lunch. I’ve been here several times with friends and family and visiting has yet to get old…

One of my favorite dishes is their chicken salad. I’m not sure if I’m breaking any wine pairing rules, but I love to have this dish with the Apple Riesling or Paulina (she & I are REALLY good friends! Yes, I’m referring to the wine.)


Have you ever visited this winery or any of the local wineries in Alabama? Let me know some of your favorite wineries and wine selections in the comments!



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