{MFA Monday’s!} My Favorite Things: Part 1

Hey guys (and gals)!

Oprah isn’t the only person that has a “favorites list”. She’s just one of few people that can actually give them away to a number of people!

The following is a small list of things/items I’m “feeling” right now…

Cooking at home!

If you know me, this is sort of a big deal… Not because I don’t have the ability, but I don’t have the time! And… After a full work week and other life demands, I don’t have the desire to. (In other words, I’m lazy!)

Since the weekends are dedicated to winding down and spending time with my f(r)amily, I’ve decided to embrace cooking at home. (It also saves A LOT of money)

Here’s just a few things I’ve cooked over the past couple of weekends. Nothing fancy…

Breakfast in bed (well, breakfast on the couch)


I made my first bolognese sauce from scratch. This recipe ( found here ) makes it hard to ever purchase sauce off of the shelf again!

Bolognese Sauce

Stay tuned as I actually put some of these “Pinterest-inspired” recipes to use.



Y’all! I LOVE this show! (Please no spoilers in the comments. I’m only on Season 4)

In an attempt to actually utilize Netflix and not continue to waste $7.99 per month, I set out on a mission to find some shows that I hadn’t seen before and that I would actually like.

I’d heard of Mad Men before, but it was well into the final season before I could watch it. I don’t know about you, but I have to watch a series from the very beginning to truly understand the overall story line.

Apple Music!

Lately I’ve been trying to become a better “steward” of my finances. With that being said, I ignore any and all marketing attempts from stores, vendors, etc to avoid making any unnecessary purchases.

I initially ignored the “invite” from Apple for a free three month trial of Apple Music.

After becoming burnt out on my usual music streaming options, I decided to give this Apple Music thing a chance. There’s no contract obligation, so why not?! I absolutely love it! I personally think it is well worth the subscription fee that will follow after my free subscription expires.

Apple Music

What’s your favorite music streaming service?

Stay tuned for more posts about my favorite things!


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