Heeellllllooo December!

It’s officially the last month of the year, the “Friday’s” of all of the months, December!


I’m sure that I’m never alone when I say this year (like all of the others) has flown by.

2015 has been one of the most challenging, yet rewarding years of my life. It’s also the year of the birth of My Foodie Affairs! Making the decision to blog about one of my favorite things (food) has been one of the many rewarding events of this year.

In addition to the influx of holiday dishes, I love how this time of the year embraces a time of reflection and increases the desire to spread love to everyone.

Enough of the mushy stuff! The following is super small list of my favorite things I love about the month of December:

A Christmas Story – if you’ve never seen this movie, shame on you! I have this on DVD, but it does not compare to the fact that the movie comes on for 24 HOURS on Christmas! It’s one of my many small traditions that I plan to pass on to my family in the future. “You’ll shoot your eye out!.”


Chestnut Praline Lattes from Starbucks! – Just try one. You’re welcome! I order them as much as possible because after January it’s a wrap until the holidays come back around.

Chestnut Praline

What do you like about December? How do you plan to “finish” 2015?


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