Thirty5ine on a Thursday…

It was a cool, brisk morning on April 5th, 1983… Just kidding! I have no idea, I’d just gotten here on that day! LOL!

With that being said, I’d like to wish the face behind My Foodie Affairs and the face who eats more than she blogs, Monique, a very HAPPY 35TH BIRTHDAY!


I enjoyed a low-key, but fun brunch with friends prior to my actual day. In addition to brunch, I decided to make the weekend a “stay-cation” in the city and I’m so glad I did.

My brunch consisted of French toast, conecuh sausage, and a couple of mimosas! I enjoyed the food, but most of all I enjoyed my time with friends…



Everyone was soooo connected and engaged with one another. The only time anyone really picked up their phones was to take pictures. In this day and age, that is truly a big deal!


If you live in Birmingham or plan to visit soon, please check out the Harvest Bar located inside of the Redmont Hotel. The service and food exceeded my expectations!









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